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Wear your strain.
Leash your Skunk.
Strain Apparel.

Strain Apparel is a lifestyle and apparel brand that combines high art, couch-lock comfort and a patent-pending no-smell stash pocket called SkunkPocket. The brainchild of Fred Segal veteran and award winning cultivation expert Jeff Callison, Strain Apparel is a unique opportunity to create functional fashion that bridges the gap between the highest counter-culture and mainstream acceptance.

“Besides our amazing pocket designs, we aim to craft apparel around the attitude, beauty and personalities of the strains we all know and love”, says Callison.

After multiple prototypes and a multitude of different fabric constructions, Strain Apparel perfected their odor-absorbing pocket design in 2017. SkunkPocket was created to solve those awkward smelly moments associated with an on-the-go lifestyle. “Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with a fat sack of OG in your pocket? Plastic bags don’t cut it anymore. The dank is too stank and SkunkPocket solves this problem.”, states Callison.

Featured on TruTV’s television series Best Ever, Strain Apparel was noted on the “Top Fashions of 2018” episode. From hip-hop legends like Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony to BabyG of Shinobi Ninja, Strain Apparel is quickly finding it’s way into the mainstream.

With the June 2018 launch of the first-ever Jersey with SkunkPocket, the brand is proving demand and plans to quickly roll out hoodies, shorts, pants, flannels and more, all with SkunkPocket technology.